Best of Philly through Main Line School Night

I was awarded Best of Philly for my iPhone/iPad class at Main Line School Night! It was wonderful to be recognized amongst all the great courses offered. Here's an excerpt from the article: 

"Instructor Karen Strauss walks seniors and the tech-phobic through iPhone and iPad set up, app education... and getting the most out of your tech toys."

Read about all the winners here.

Windows 10

It's here, and it's looking positive! With all the changes and upgrades Microsoft has made with its new operating system, it looks like Windows 10 is a great option. Consult with me before you upgrade so the transition is easy and hassle free.

In the news!

I was cited in a Philadelphia Inquirer article about Senior Centers getting residents comfortable with computers. Being able to connect with your family through email, research topics on the internet and even do online banking, is a great way to take advantage of what computers can offer. 

Book Recommendation

My client Anne H. Adams has published a new book, Dear Granny, which celebrates the warm relationship between grandparents and grandchildren nourishing both generations. She was kind to list me in the Acknowledgments section. "To my Computer Wizard, Karen Strauss, thank you for always being there in an emergency."

I recommend the book and it is available here.

New Apps

The Apple world is keeping us busy with advances to the iPhone and iPad. I'm currently collecting new and exciting “Apps”, so please share any interesting ones!

Looking Forward

Technology can do amazing things and it's only getting more incredible. Looking forward, there are lots of predictions about what computers, and our own devices - can do!

  • Assistive Technology to make computing easier for people with special needs.
  • Improvements in voice recognition software with Siri, Cortana, and Dragon Naturally Speaking so we can talk instead of type.
  • Health monitoring on mobile devices.

Keep an eye out for new wonderful advances that will make life easier for everyone!