Coaching Sessions

I work with students of all skill levels using the most popular computer programs. I will also help with specialized software. Schedule a Coaching Session so we can work one-on-one together identifying your needs and developing your computer skills. I work with both Windows and Mac operating systems and on a range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. I also have years of experience working with many different applications.

  • Communicate and search for information using the ever-changing internet

  • Get better control of your finances for you or your business

  • Express your thoughts through word processing

  • Use computer tools for presentation and organization

  • Capture, organize and share your photographic memories

Technical Sessions

Schedule a Technical Session to work through all of your technical issues to existing technical issues, update your software and hardware, assist you to find the right system for you, and install a new computer system with internet connectivity  and much more!

Troubleshooting Sessions

Schedule a Troubleshooting Session to see why your computer is acting funny! I can troubleshoot and help "translate" into "computerese" if the problems require additional support. Don't spend another second on the phone with those stressful help desks or tech support centers. 

Training and Presentations

I am available to speak to your organization or group about new trends in technology. Contact me to learn more and to schedule a presentation.

Additionally, I teach numerous courses for Main Line School night and Delaware County Community College, including:

  • iPad: Level 1 and 2

  • iPhone: Level 1 and 2

  • iPad Apps

  • Password Management

  • Courses vary, so please contact me for the most current course listings.