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My name is Karen Strauss. I am a computer coach, technology consultant, and troubleshooter. My first computer related job was over twenty years ago at Radio Shack selling personal computers to the general public. The world of computing has come a long way since then!

While working for Tandy Computers, I could feel that computers were going to make a major change in our lives. Since then, I have been involved in teaching people how to be more confident working with computers. I have worked at major corporations like Campbell’s Soup, Scott Paper, and Comcast. Today, most of my current work is with individuals on a one-on-one basis, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

My specialties are:

  • Working with adults who did not grow up with this technology — mostly baby boomers and senior citizens. If you’re used to doing things one way for the last thirty years, you know it’s hard to make a change. I patiently help old dogs learn new tricks about all things computer related!
  • Helping people who want to brush up their skills as they “re-launch” their professional careers.
  • People who would benefit from software that would aid in making it easier to use a computer, i.e. for vision issues.

Coaching Sessions:

Schedule a Coaching Session so we can work one-on-one together identifying your needs and developing your computer skills. I work with both Windows or Mac Operating Systems and on a range of devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. I also have years of experience work with many different applications.

  • Communicate and search for information using the every changing internet
  • Get better control of your finances for you or your business
  • Express your thoughts through word processing
  • Use computer tools for presentation and organization
  • Capture and share your photographic memories

I work with students of skill levels using the popular computer programs. I also help with specialized software.

Technical Sessions:

Schedule a Technical Session to work through all of your technical issues. Install a new computer, find the right system for you, update hardware and software, connect to the Internet, configure a wireless network, update your hardware, and much more!

Troubleshooting Sessions:

Schedule a Troubleshooting Session to see why your computer is acting funny! I can troubleshoot and help “translate” into “computerese “ if the problems require additional support. Don’t spend another second on the phone with those stressful centers!

Technology can improve our lives in ways we couldn’t even imagine, but sometimes you need a person to walk you through it. I am here for you! Together we’ll learn new skills, troubleshoot problems, and use technology to better our lives!

Once we have met in person, I can work with you remotely as well.


Available to speak to your organization about new trends in technology.

Contact Me:

Telephone: (610) 660-8160
Email: Karen@confidentcomputing.com

Karen Strauss

    Contact Information

  • Karen G. Strauss
  • Main Street Technology, Inc.
  • Karen@confidentcomputing.com
  • 610-660-8160

Interesting News

Best of Philly for Best iPhone/iPad Class through Main Line School Night “Instructor Karen Strauss walks seniors and the tech-phobic through iPhone and iPad setup, app education… and getting the most out of your tech toys.”

Windows 10- It’s here and looking positive! Consult with me before you upgrade to make an easier transition

In the News: Karen cited in Philadelphia Inquirer article about Senior Centers getting residents comfortable with computers

My client Anne H. Adams has published a new book, Dear Granny, which celebrates the warm relationship between grandparents and grandchildren nourishing both generations. She was kind to list me in the Acknowledgments section. "To my Computer Wizard, Karen Strauss, thank you for always being there in an emergency."

I recommend the book and it is available here.

The Apple world is keeping us busy with iPhone and iPad. Collecting “Apps” Please share any interesting ones!

Adjunct Faculty Delaware County Community College: Computer Education and Training -- building skills for workforce redevelopment

Teaching for Main Line School Night:

  • Fall 2015
  • iPad: Level 1 and 2
  • iPhone: Level 1 and 2
  • iPad Apps: Brain Power Training

Looking Forward

  • Assistive Technology to make computing easier for people with special needs.
  • Improvements in voice recognition software with Siri, Cortana, and Dragon Naturally Speaking so we can talk instead of type.
  • Health monitoring on mobile devices.

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